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Storm Safe Kids

Read about interesting weather facts and learn what kids can do to be safe when storms arrive. Written for ages 9-12, Storm Safe Kids will help children better understand how and why bad weather happens, easing their fear of severe weather.

Responding to Disaster

Written for public safety professionals, Responding to Disaster contains material presented by Marty at his professional training seminars. Learn how to respond more effectively and efficiently when faced with disaster scenarios.

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Disaster Planning Made Easy

Learn how to protect yourself and your family from a variety of disasters, both natural and made made. Create an emergency plan for your home or work, build an emergency supply kit and know what to expect before, during and after before a disaster. 

Marty Augustine

With over 25 years of experience in the field of public safety and entertainment, Marty Augustine is a highly requested consultant and speaker on the topics of disaster preparedness, personal protection and emergency planning. Marty is also an acclaimed author, safety educator and disc jockey personality.

He has published multiple books and serves as a contributing writer for numerous newspapers and magazines. Marty has often been featured on TV, radio and in print media as a subject matter expert on the topics of safety, personal protection and disaster preparedness.

Writer - Speaker - Photographer - entertainer
Marty Augustine - Responding to Disaster Book
Marty Augustine - Storm Safe Kids Book
Marty Augustine - Disaster Planning Made Easy Book