Marty offers customized presentations and training for businesses, civic organizations, churches and individuals on a variety of topics:

Workplace Violence - Personal Protection 

Disasters Preparedness  - Travel Safety

Home Safety - Theft Prevention

Terrorism Awareness - Internet Safety

Safety & Security Consultant // Writer & Speaker

Marty Augustine has more than 20 years of public safety experience. He is a nationally known author, speaker and trainer specializing in emergency planning, safety and personal protection.

Marty offers more than just "self-defense" training...

He teaches practical tactics that will change your thinking, allowing you to react more effectively.

Improve Your Mind, Your Confidence and Your Response

The World is a Scary Place..

Are You Prepared?

The Threats Are Real.

Protect Yourself, Protect Your Family

Marty's books are available nationwide through online sellers such as as Amazon, Barnes & Noble and others.

Marty Augustine

For more information each book, just click on the cover. Books are available in traditional print or E-book formats.

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Are you uncomfortable with traditional self-defense methods such as martial arts?

Are you considering purchasing a weapon for self-defense, but you don't know what's right for you?

Have you recently gotten your CCW permit but you'd like more training?

If you're going to carry a weapon of any type, you need to be comfortable with it...

Marty can help with all of these things and more... Be ready for whatever threats come your way!