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I share my stories and knowledge to help others reduce the chances of also falling victim to life.​​

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The Random Writings of Marty Augustine
The Random Writings of Marty Augustine

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Marty is a professional safety educator. Let him show you how to stay safe when severe weather or disasters strike!

Marty Augustine

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Severe Weather Safety - Marty Augustine

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Storm Safe Kids

Making a difference through writing, speaking and training.

With nearly 25 years in the field of public safety, I've seen and done far more than the average person. My knowledge and experiences have served me well, but they've come at a price. I have PTSD.

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I offer a variety of interesting, informative and humorous articles about life, people, things and whatever randomness happens to cross my mind.

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Speaking / Training

Disaster Planning Made Easy

Bad things happen in life. I know because I've experienced them first hand.

Based in Kansas City, I offer informative presentations on PTSD awareness, suicide prevention, and a variety of safety topics for mental health organizations, public safety agencies, community groups, corporations, schools, churches, and the general public.

*** DID YOU KNOW *** In addition to my books & blog I'm also a freelance writer for newspapers and magazines!