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I'm a published author, with multiple books available for purchase nationwide, in both print and E-book formats. 

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"Whether writing, making music or speaking, Marty's role as a multi-media personality is unquestionable.

From music and comedy to deathly serious topics, Marty offers a unique blend of talent not often seen or heard today."

"The Secret Life of Pizza" is a blog written by ME. My totally random topics are based on my life and the world around us.  I try to make them entertaining, informative and sometimes humorous.   Be sure to subscribe to receive updates when new articles are added!

Once upon a time, I was a well known DJ known as "Marty McFly". I did radio in the 1990's, then moved into nightclubs, and later mobile entertainment with my own company Hit Mix USA. I no longer do live shows, but I still produce DJ mix shows for online radio. 

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Marty Augustine

Adopt... Don't Shop!

DID YOU KNOW: I'm also a veteran LEO and nationally certified safety educator, specializing in disaster preparedness, emergency planning and personal protection. I've often been featured on TV, radio and in print media as a subject matter expert, in addition to being a highly requested speaker and consultant on these topics. 

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Music , Writing & Pizza 
That's what I'm all about...

I'm a DJ, a Published Author, a Freelance Writer,
and a pizza connoisseur. I do some other stuff too.

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