Law enforcement is not the enemy...Support the police!

Teach your children morals, values, respect and accountability!

If you see something, say something! Report crimes and help the community,

Thank an officer for protecting and serving!

Teach your children what 9/11 represents.

Remember the victims & honor our public safety and military members...

Think about how many lives were changed on that September day.

Never forget...

The Stories...

Marty is a published author with multiple books available nationwide at Barnes & Noble Amazon and other online book sellers. Marty also has books available for sale during his speaking engagements. 

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Photographing public safety vehicles serves as a way to portray our emergency service heroes in a positive light preserving the pride, honor and tradition for which they serve.

When the sirens are blaring and the colored lights are flashing, everyone turns to look.
Emergency vehicles posess an excitement and curiosity. While most people never a give a second thought to what the emergency vehicle looks like, there is an inherant art and hidden beauty.

Emergency Vehicle Photography

Every picture has a story. Marty offers informative and interesting presentations titled "Stories Behind the Photos." These programs are based events including the September 11th attacks and the destructive 2011 Joplin Missouri tornado. Presentations feature photos taken by Marty and his stories of life, resiliancy, and preparedness.

Disasters, whether natural or man-made are destructive and life changing.

If something happened today, would you be prepared? Would your family be ready to react?

Tornadoes, Winter Storms, Floods, Hurricanes, Industrial Accidents, Terrorism, Identity Theft, Crime...

Hazards are all around us everyday. Anything can happen. In addition to documenting disasters,

Marty also offers informative training seminars on ways to protect yourself and your family.

Most run people away from danger, but a brave few go toward it. There is often sadness and sorrow with disasters and emergencies, but there is also a story and hidden art that can show there is light in the darkness.

Disaster Preparedness / Personal Protection Training & Seminars

Rescue 99 Media is owned and operated by Marty Augustine. Marty is a nationally known multi-media personality based in Kansas City.

He is a published author, photographer and content contributor for newspapers, magazines and social media. He is often featured on TV and radio as a

guest commentator and expert on the topics of

disaster preparedness and personal protection.

With more than 20 years of experience in the field of public safety, Marty is a highly requested consultant, speaker and trainer specializing in disaster preparedness, safety and personal protection.

Rescue 99 Media

- Marty Augustine -

Did You Know:

These causes are very important to me. Please support them and our world a better place for everyone!

Thousands of homeless pets need a forever home. Be thier hero...

Adopt from a shelter.

If you get a pet, love it like family.

Stop Animal Abuse and Neglect!

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Now is the time to develop an emergency plan... Don't wait until disaster strikes!

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September is Designated as

National Preparedness Month.