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Marty Augustine - Storm Safe Kids Book

Storm Safe Kids

Read about interesting weather facts and learn what kids can do to be safe when storms arrive. Written for ages 9-12, Storm Safe Kids will help children better understand how and why bad weather happens, easing their fear of severe weather.

Disaster Planning Made Easy

Learn how to protect yourself and your family from a variety of disasters, both natural and made made. Create an emergency plan for your home or work, build an emergency supply kit and know what to expect before, during and after before a disaster. 

Disaster Preparedness - Personal Protection - Child Safety - Internet Safety - Home Safety & Security


Marty Augustine - Success Revealed Book
Best Selling Author / Safety Educator / Motivational Speaker
Marty Augustine

Storm season is upon us.

Are you prepared?

Severe weather WILL affect you.

Know what to do before the storms arrive.

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Marty Augustine - Disaster Planning Made Easy Book

At Ground Zero

Currently Out of Print

Responding to Disaster

Created for public safety professionals, Responding to Disaster contains material presented by Marty at his professional training seminars. Learn how to respond more effectively and efficiently when faced with disaster scenarios.

Protect Yourself

Protect Your Family

Build Confidence

Live a Better Life

Marty Augustine - Responding to Disaster Book

Marty Augustine

Child Safety Made Easy: A parent's guide to keeping kids safe. by [Augustine, Marty] Kindle App Ad Child Safety Made Easy: A parent's guide to keeping kids safe.

NEW!  Child Safety Made Easy:

Whether you're expecting, the parent of a newborn, a toddler or a preschooler, you're sure to have questions and concerns about safety.  This is an easy to understand guide for parents who want learn ore about child proofing and ways to improve safety in the home.

Success Revealed:

Unlocking the Secrets of Success
Marty wanted to know what makes successful people different than everyone else? How did they achieve success? This book contains numerous contributions from actors, athletes, musicians, politicians and business leaders who candidly tell what they did to make it.