On a lighter side, Marty has also maintained a dual career as a professional entertainer (Disc Jockey and Comedian). This unique combination of life experience has greatly benefited Marty as a speaker, trainer and writer.

Marty deals with serious topics, but serious doesn't have to mean boring. His low key personality allows him to present these topics in an comfortable, easy to understand interactive multi-media format.

By changing the way you think, you'll change the way you live.

Be prepared for whatever life throws at you!

Marty Augustine

As a nationally acclaimed author, Marty has self-published multiple books.

His first book "At Ground Zero" was an Amazon.com best seller.

Marty also serves as a contributing writer and photographer for newspapers, magazines and other media outlets. He has often been featured on TV, radio and in print media as a subject matter expert on the topics of safety, personal protection and disaster preparedness.

Marty's books are available nationwide at Barnes & Noble, Amazon.com and other sellers.

Marty's background includes nearly 25 years in the public safety field, in addition to other extensive training and experience in emergency management and disaster planning.

Marty's knowledge and skills have also placed him into the role of professional trainer and educator. Presentations offered include topics related to personal safety, disaster preparedness, school safety, workplace violence, home protection, emergency planning and life improvement.

Other recent projects include spreading awareness about PTSD, depression and suicide prevention.

Writer / Speaker / Educator