I've proudly served as a law enforcement patrol officer. I've also been a police training officer, D.A.R.E. instructor, school resource officer and crisis intervention team member.

I've worked for a variety of agencies over the course of my career including municipal departments, schools, a state prison and a private military contractor.

Bad things happen in life. I know because I've experienced them first hand.

Disclaimer: The thoughts, opinions, views, comments and teaching presented in my writing, books, website, photos and other media are my own.

They do not represent any other entity for which I have been, am now or will be affiliated with.

Based in Kansas City, I'm available for speaking engagements or training sessions.

Since the age of 17, music has been a passion and an outlet for me.

While I've dedicated my life to serving others, I've also had a successful career in entertainment. 

I've worked as a professional DJ entertainer on the radio, in clubs and private events as the owner of my own mobile music business. I've also had a short run a stand up comedian.

Having this unique background has greatly enhanced my skills as a speaker and instructor. It's allowed me to create what I refer to as "edu-tainment". I engage my audience with lots of visuals, stories, personality, humor and energy to motivate and inspire while discussing sensitive topics which are usually not the most lively or fun.

While I've had a successful career helping others, there came a time when I needed help. The effects of post traumatic stress and depression eventually took a costly toll on me, contributing to the loss of my marriage, my family and my job. They almost cost me my life also.

I now offer presentations on depression and post-traumatic stress based on my personal experiences to help other first responders.

When someone meets me for the first time, they often ask me what I do...

The answer isn't so simple because my background is like no one you've probably ever met.

I've worked in the public safety field for nearly 25 years, but I've done much more.

I'm an entertainer and safety educator. I'm a freelance writer and best selling book author.

I'm a professional speaker and trainer.

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As a professional instructor, I've presented specialized disaster preparedness training and safety education programs for law enforcement, fire and EMS agencies, the US military, schools, hospitals, churches, corporations and the general public since 2002.

I frequently speak on these subjects, in addition to topics related to homeland security, emergency planning and personal protection.

I'm a nationally certified fire & life safety educator as well as a former faculty member at Pima Community College in Tucson, Arizona. I have numerous certifications from the Department of Homeland Security, FEMA, and the National Fire Academy as well as other government agencies and professional training resources.

I'm the author of multiple published books with more in the works.

In 2011, my first book "At Ground Zero" was an Amazon.com best seller. I write assorted content and commentary for a variety of newspapers, magazines and social media outlets.

I've been featured as a disaster subject matter expert on TV, radio and newspapers.

I have my own blog titled "The Random Writings of Marty Augustine" which offers interesting, informative and humorous articles about life and whatever else crosses my mind.