Marty Augustine

Best Selling Author / Safety Educator / Motivational Speaker

Based in Kansas City, Marty Augustine is certified safety educator who offers a variety of classes and seminars related to emergency preparedness, self defense, child safety, and personal wellness.

Marty's presentations are perfect for corporations, civic groups, businesses, neighborhood associations, churches and safety & wellness fairs. 

Marty isn't your average boring speaker. With a background in public safety AND entertainment, Marty is a high energy, engaging speaker. These programs are presented in a fun, interactive and easy to understand multi-media format.

“The Tactical Citizen”

Our news is filled with stories of workplace violence, school shootings, terrorism and all too common personal attacks. These are very real threats anyone could face at any time. If something happened today, would you be ready to protect yourself? Would your family know what to do?

This is a critical basic training designed to give you skills you need to respond if you are faced with a life threatening situation. You'll learn about the "Run, Hide or Fight" concept, but training will focus on the worst case scenario of what to do if you need to fight.

The reality is simple but graphic. You can do nothing and die, or you can fight back and have a chance to survive.This class is essential for teachers, school employees, office workers or anyone in any role who wants to learn how to fight back. 

Note: This is NOT a martial arts or weapons training class. You'll learn to improvise with everyday items and fight dirty. It's not pretty, but it could save your life.

Length: 1 - 2 hours

Recommended Class Size: Any

Self Defense Options
Do you have concerns about your personal safety?
If you might be considering carrying pepper spray,
a "stun gun", a firearm or other weapon for self defense, this class covers the "pros and cons" of each. Moral and legal concepts are discussed as well as lifestyle impacts and safety concerns. The class presents also presents a basic discussion of personal protection options that can reduce or eliminate potential threats without the use of weapons .This class is intended for people with little or no personal protection or weapons experience who want see if a protection tool is right for them.
Recommended Class Size: Any

Length: 1 - 2 Hours

Classes / Seminars

Social Media Awareness for Parents

This presentation is for parents who have concerns about their children's online safety. You'll learn about popular social media applications used by kids and teenagers and how they work. You'll also learn about monitoring for inappropriate activity, safety precautions, privacy settings and other dangers kids and teenagers face online.

Length: 1 Hour

Social Media Awareness for Schools
This presentation is for customized for the classroom, specifically grades 5 - 8 (or ages 11-14). Students will receive an overview of social media safety, which also includes online gaming, chat, instant messaging and photo sharing. Use of privacy settings and other dangers kids and teenagers face online are also covered.
Recommended Class Size: 10 - 20

Length: 45 Minutes to 1 Hour

Internet Safety

This presentation covers general online safety. You'll learn about internet terms such as “Phishing” and "Spam", plus E-mail Scams, Fraud, Social Media Dangers and Online Shopping Safety (Ebay, Craigslist, etc.). This presentation can be adapted for teens, adults or senior citizens. Specific threats can be addressed if you have concerns

Recommened Class Size: 1 on 1 or Small Group. Length:Class is typically 1 - 2 hours, but can customized to your needs.

Disaster Preparedness
This class presents the basic concepts of emergency planning for disasters, both natural and man-made. Topics include discussion of types of hazards, regional threats, developing a plan for home and work, creating an emergency  supply kit and what to expect before, during and after a disaster. This presentation can be adapted for individuals, businesses or law enforcement / security agencies. 

Recommened Class Size: Any

Length: 1 -3 hours, depending on your needs

“Crime Prevention For Businesses”
This presentation offers a basic discussion of protection options that can reduce or eliminate criminal threats, workplace violence, theft, robbery and assaults through the use of behavioral cues, situational awareness and environmental design. Content
can be customized to specific issues you may be having (parking lot safety, harassment, internal or external thefts, etc,). Specific information on travel safety and foreign threat awareness can also be added to the course content.

This is a one on one or small group program.

Length: 1 - 2 Hours

“Crime Prevention for Individuals”
This presentation offers a basic discussion of protection solutions that can reduce or eliminate thefts and burglaries in homes and vehicles through the use of behavioral cues, situational awareness and environmental design. Practical, common sense protection concepts are presented to deter or prevent personal attacks and threats. This course is perfect for neighborhood associations, churches or anyone concerned about reducing crime.

Cost for group training varies on location and class length. Most prices are flat rate. Some classes may be offered with a "per person" fee. 

"One on One" personalized sessions are available for "Self Defense Options" and "Internet Safety" on a limited basis in the Kansas City Metro area.

For more information about costs or to schedule a training, contact Marty using the form below.