Fire Safety

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Child Safety

Hang one on your key ring for a  practical, compact protection tool.

Get a variety of child proofing tools

in an affordable, convenient kit.

It's YOUR responsibility to learn how to properly use or properly install any of the items listed here.

Follow recommendations, instructions and manufacturer guidelines for best results.

The seller is not responsible for product misuse.

Outlet Protectors

Cabinet Locks

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Pepper Spray / Gel


As a professional safety educator, I'm often asked which safety and security products I recommend. The amount of options available can be overwhelming, but I've now made it easier.

I've partnered with one of the most trusted retailers in the

world,, to offer select items handpicked by me

Shopping on Amazon is safe, secure and convenient..

Safety Kits

Weather alert radios are essential

for every home and office!

Protect your outlets from little fingers. Use them in every room!

Emergency Preparedness

Secure your cabinets with these easy to use child proofing locks.

Personal Protection

Keep a first aid kit at home and in

your vehicle for complete readiness.

Self Defense Keychains

Every home needs at least one fire extinguisher. Know how to use them!

If you're going to carry pepper spray,

learn how to use it properly!

Emergency Weather Radios

These lights are EXTREMELY

bright and a great value!

First Aid